Aichi Triennale 2019


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Painted onto a large wall, this work shows a group of four human figures snuggling up against each other in the center, and a majestic looking architectural structure, a sky with clouds, fluttering flags, giant hands on stairs, and a round object that looks like the sun as it sinks into ー or rises out of ー the sea, scattered around them.
Given the title, "Missing Piece," the four figures look as if they got together to mourn the loss of something or someone, or to cooperate with each other in a complementary way. The artist is also known for creating several different versions of his original "Tekun" character ー basically a hand with eyes and a nose, and although not always clearly distinguishable, the motif of the hand appears also in this work, in the form of two large hands at the bottom, and the human figures' feet that look just like hands clutching the ground.
On the wall itself, there are still visible traces that remind the viewer of the fact that there used to be another building adjacent to this house. Considering also that this is a venue where live concerts take place on a daily basis, the title seems to be indicating how new life is being breathed into the building with its "missing piece."