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YELLO is a new kind of media: made by artists, but open to all. YELLO is an art book that will be published once every three months, with a different artist curating every issue. The content and concept of each issue will depend on the curator. The most important feature of the book is that it originates with the artists. The artists themselves manage how they release their own work. We also must not forget that the concept of this book originates here in Japan.


Somewhere today new life comes into the world. At the very same moment some people have served there purpose and are coming to and end.

We are in the middle of new life and the end of life

Do anything and everything
People die in unremarkable scenery at unremarkable times.
You don't need to kill your creativity. Even with a lack of ability, we will live through tomorrow.

Do it. Flowers bloom today.
Do it. Flowers bloom today.
Do it. Flowers bloom today.

Go on, do it.

WASHIO TOMOYUKI March 10, 2012