T-shirts Illustration 2007

BLACK GANION / dAdA8 Project 2007~

Black Ganion AI Illustration 2008.12.21

Black Ganion “First” Trailer 2007

Black Ganion “Bolivia” Video 2007



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"Super Metamorphosis Grinder" a.k.a BLACK GANION was formed in 2003, under a concept of creating their own unique and original music. The original line up was Youhei (Voice), Ai (R.Guitar), Akila (L.Guitar), Holy (Drums), Uno (Bass). Nov/2004 They released their first ep "Hakkyo!"from their own lable C.A.C. In 2005, live recorded album from KAIKOO TOUR "blaspheny pack" relaesed. On the same year Dec, Original guitarist Ai pass away. Feb/2006 they renewaled and in Jan/2007, released thier first full length album "First" from POPGROUP Recordings. They also appeared on a compilation album "Grind Freak 2007(V.A)" & "Grind Freak 2008(V.A)"two years straight in a row. Year 2008, they started a tour"dAdA8" with their fellow bands NICE VIEW & ORdER. In Aug, original drummer Holy leaves and Kondo joined as replacement. In Dec, they released a two track ep from POPGROUP Recordings with DJ BAKU, YAS-KAZ, and GOTH-TRAD. Right now, they are working in the studio for their up coming second full length album. 2009/Nov, U.S West coast tour with LAUDANUM(Oakland,CA). Played 11 shows in 10 days. Also recording at EARHAMMER STUDIOS in the end of the tour. 2010/Jan, Live album "Live at HUCKFINN" Rest In Peace... AI" released from Tokyo based hardcore punk label Less Than TV. 2010/Oct, Japan tour with LAUDANUM(Oakland,CA). Played 10 shows.